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Current projects

NURSe COVID study: a qualitative exploration of experiences of NUrses with Respiratory Skills working during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We asked respiratory nurses to keep a diary of their experiences during the pandemic, we’d now like to remind you to please continue, start, restart, or save your diaries. In March 2021 we asked for diaries as part of a longitudinal study. More information available from the principal investigator Dr Carol Kelly

Further information

Please read the further information sheet below to find out about taking part

What respiratory teaching is currently being delivered to pre-registration nurses in the United Kingdom

An increasing number of hospital admissions and GP consultations are due to respiratory conditions.  The nursing curriculum has a wide range to cover and but it is not known what is specifically taught around the management of respiratory long term conditions.  This study will examine what components are delivered in the current curriculum across the UK, specifically looking at respiratory disease skills and knowledge.

The findings of this work have been presented at the European Respiratory Congress 2020. A copy of the poster can be found below.

Experiences of the nursing workforce in respiratory care during the COVID-19 pandemic

The nursing voice is often absent in coordinated mass crisis situations, nurses fundamental to the COVID-19 response. This study will elicit the experiences of nurses working in respiratory roles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The findings from this work have been written as a blog and submitted for publication, the links are below

Evidence-based nursing BMJ journal – Resilience in nurses working in respiratory clinical areas during the COVID pandemic

N.J. Roberts, K. McAloney-Kocaman,  K. Lippiett, E. Ray, L. Welch, C. Kelly.   Levels of resilience, anxiety and depression in nurses working in respiratory clinical areas during the COVID pandemic 

NJ Roberts A nursing perspective (Blog) The Alliance June 2021

Roberts NJ, Kelly C, Ray E, Welch M, Lippiet K Experiences of nurses caring for respiratory patients during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic: an online survey study.  BMJ Open Respiratory research  2021;  8:e000987.

A training needs analysis of the research capabilities of respiratory nurses in the UK

The Training needs analysis (TNA) of the research capabilities of respiratory nurses closed for analysis on the 31st Oct 2020. The TNA was conducted in response to the Delphi work (Kelly et al 2018) to identify research priorities for respiratory nurses.

The TNA online survey was devised to understand the area in which respiratory nurses may need further support or education to become confident to pursue specific research questions arising from respiratory practice and identified in the Delphi study. The findings from this work should identify the individual or organisational research needs for respiratory nurses. Enabling targeted education or support.

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